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The Color Purple is written in first person narrative in which it is told by Celie. In the beginning of the novel, Celie writes letters to God and later to Nettie. The letters are Celie's only outlet to portray her feelings to the audience because no one else will listen to her. Firstly, the letters represent Nettie's senses. Later in the novel, the letters start to symbolize more complex themes and insights portrayed throughout the novel. Unlike Nettie, Celie is an uneducated woman, who was forced to drop out of school around the age of fourteen when she became pregnant by her Pa. Her lack of education is apparent from her spelling and grammar seen in the letters. However, Nettie is educated and the letters she writes discuss more complex topics such as women's rights, civil rights, religion, and politics. Despite Celie's poor educational background, she tells a powerful story.
In this sense, Walker's chosen narrator shows that all people, including poor, uneducated, victimized black women have an important story to tell.